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Grubb’n on a Budget: Yes, pasta again

Chicken Alfredo with Okra on Top

Rotisserie Chicken Legs (2) - $3.99
Regular Speghetti - $1.00
Ragu Alfredo Sauce - $1.67
Frozen Okra - $1.07

Total (without tax) $7.73

1. Cook pasta following package directions, then drain water
2. Shred the chicken and sprinkle the chicken on top of the pasta, dont worry about heating it up just yet, throw it on there cold
3. Pour the Alfredo sauce on top on the pasta
4. Pour the okra and water in tuffwear seal the lid stick it in the microwave for four to five minutes, drain the water, and pour it in with the pasta, Alfredo, and chicken
5. Once you have everything in with the pasta mix it up with some salt and pepper pop it in the microwave for about two minutes and serve!

Took 20 minutes to prepare and lasted for two days, so thats $3.87 a night!

What do you guys think?

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